Residential & Commercial EIFS

EIFS = Exterior Insulation Finish Systems

Residential & Commercial EIFS

EIFS offers design flexibility, aesthetic appeal and energy savings.

What is EIFS?

These systems have integrated components such as reinforced air/weather resistive barrier, adhesive, EPS insulation board, reinforced base coat and 100% acrylic polymer finish.

What are the benefits of EIFS?

The EIFS system provides a durable, weather-resistant primary barrier.

EIFS with Drainage uses a secondary air/weather barrier to provide a cost-effective, added level of protection to the sheathing and cavity against moisture and air intrusion.

This space between the foam and the substrate, creates a drainage cavity.

This type of exterior insulation finishing system is intended to help water that may get behind the EIFS to follow a safe path back to the outside.

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